Posted by: ilovethewestside | May 7, 2008

Historic Adelaide Drive Tour with Santa Monica Conservancy

Last Sunday I took a toured homes on one of Santa Monica’s most desired streets, Adelaide Drive. Recently homes have sold for over $6,500,000. Yes, that’s right & there are two for sale right now. One over $8,000,000 and the other well over &10,000,000. Wow! is right.

Many people associate this street with “the stairs” (a popular outdoor workout spot) and unobstructed views of the ocean & Santa Monica Rustic Canyons. If you are anything like me, you look at the homes & wonder the history behind them. Who lived in them & lives in them now? What was it like to be the first homes on the street? I wonder what Santa Monica was like then?

Thanks to the Santa Monica Conservancy, many of my questions were answered.

How did Adelaide Drive get it’s name? It was named after Adelaide, Robert Gillis’ oldest daughter. His home is on Fourth & Adelaide. The first to begin construction on the street. However, not the first to be completed. Unfortunately, I was not able to see inside.

The first home built on Adelaide was the Jones’ residence (1907). Roy Jones was a major player in Santa Monica’s business & city affairs. The architect was Robert Farquhar & many of his buildings are historic landmarks. Such as, the Feynes Mansion in Pasadena, and the Canfield-Moreno estate in Los Angeles.

130 Adelaide Drive

This home has been lovingly restored, especially after the Northridge earthquake of 1994. Even the kitchen sink…

Original Sink

To be continued…



  1. I think it is great to see homes that are original to the area. I think it is sad when older homes are taken down for new ones. I agree with you, I enjoy looking at a house and imagining who has lived there and what their stories are.

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