Posted by: ilovethewestside | June 30, 2008

Between Earth and Heaven, Lautner @ Hammer Museum

Richard Neutra informed me about John Lautner’s exhibition at The Hammer Museum starting July 17th. Well, kind of.

I was on Broker’s Open House looking for MCM, mid century modern, architectural homes for clients. I came across Richard Neutra’s 1942 Van Cleef home. Lovingly restored with great indoor-outdoor living space. The 2 bedroom 2 bath home priced just over $2,000,000 is a steal compared to the Hees House from last week.

Here’s a few pictures, if you’d like more information on these homes; contact me

So, after viewing the Van Cleef home, I headed west on Wilshire Blvd. The LA Film Festival was holding up traffic. Sitting at the stoplight, I look over to see what The Hammer Museum is up to. And their I see the gorgeous John Launter architecture & banner “Between Earth and Heaven; The Architecture of John Lautner.”

The exhibit curated by historian Nicholas Olsberg and architect FrankEscher will feature tours of residences as well as renderings, drawings, models, & short color films.

Lautner was and still is a revolutionary architect. Architects still look to him for inspiration & admiration. Here’s an expert from the exhibition:

“Lautner’s dwellings took on dramatically new and varied shapes, as he moved toward the central theme of his career — how to use architecture to sublimate the domestic, and to domesticate the sublime,” states Nicholas Olsberg. “As we follow him from his early work with Frank Lloyd Wright to the emergence of his own practice in the 1940s in rapidly expanding, automobile-based Los Angeles, we see how he responded to a changing society and the natural environment by developing an extraordinarily sensuous, thoughtful and innovative architecture, poised between feeling and reason, stillness and motion, vista and shelter.”

Here’s an image of the famous Malin House (1960) AKA, The Chemosphere.



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