Posted by: ilovethewestside | September 8, 2008

Mar Vista’s Best Kept Secret…

If you’re an MCM (mid-century modern) lover living on the Westside; you know exactly what I’m talking about. Three streets of pure heaven; the 3500 block of Beethoven, Meier, & Moore. Agh, the lovely Gregory Ain track, 52 “Modernique” homes.

Ain, is considered a second generation Modernist architect. Finding inspiration from Richard Neutra & Rudolph Shindler. He wanted to bring modern architecture to the masses, affordable design for lovers of function & aesthetics. Check out the community website for more information: Gregory Ain Mar Vista Tract.

The original prices started at $12,000. Extremely affordable compared to the most recent home for sale at $1,100,000. Check out a few pictures of this home for sale we took from the mls.

The homeowners of the Ain Tract banded together & formed a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ) through the City of Los Angeles. This preserves the original architecture, creates specifications for remodels, & provides great property tax savings through the Mills Act. This is a great opportunity to own your piece of MCM history & have neighbors who love MCM too.



  1. I appraised this home for the new owner. The unique and clever floor plan that Mr. Ain designed, over half a century ago, allows the home to be configured as either a one, two or three bedroom home. There are two movable walls that slide in or out of the way, to allow a growing family to provide more rooms for various uses. I have been fortunate to have appraised six of these homes in this tract, and also another Gregory Ain, in Sierra Madre. I am currently assisting some folks with their purchase of an original Rudolf Schindler duplex, in Silver lake.

  2. […] Michael Schindler, that is, iconic architect of MCM & Los Angeles. Why do I use the word ‘icon’? Well, many say he build the very first […]

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