Posted by: ilovethewestside | September 15, 2008

Schindler FOR SALE: First Offering Since 1959

“Personally, I appreciate Rudolph. He is an incorrigible Bohemian and refuses to allow the Los Angeles barber to apply the razor to the scruff of his neck… I believe, however, that he is capable as an artist… The buildings that he has recently built in Los Angeles are well designed, but badly executed. I suspect him of trying to give his clients too much for their money. I should say that was his extreme fault in these circumstances of endeavoring to build buildings” — Wright, Frank Lloyd

Rudulph Michael Schindler, that is, iconic architect of MCM & Los Angeles. Why do I use the word ‘icon’? Well, many say he build the very first MCM home here in West Hollywood. The Schindler-Chase house was built in 1922 on North Kings Road & quite possibly the best of his work.

Their is now an opportunity to own a piece of Schindler’s work, and an investment with 16 units. The Manola Court, Herman Sachs Apartments, 1926-40. There are 16 units along three street to street hillside lots in the artist community of Silver Lake. Published in the Los Angeles Museum of Art Guide #D.4.5 & may be eligible for historic monument designation. For more detailed information please call Kim at 310-737-8173.

Schindler was known for his creative use of common materials. His use of skin plaster & volume is how he was able to create & maintain an affordable budget on his projects. Visit the MAK Center for more information on R.M. Schindler & to visit the Kings Road home.

Here are a few photos of Manola Court, Herman Sachs Apartments:

For more information on purchasing call Kim at 310-737-8173.



  1. OMG! I wish I was a millionare. *sigh* I can dream, right?

  2. though i’m not really an mcm fan, i love this place…the light, the space, the openness. i could see a fabulous yoga studio in what was probably the great man’s studio…sigh….

  3. Maybe we could all pool our funds and each take a unit! (Leaving one for a yoga studio, that is!!)

    It’s gorgeous!

  4. Interesting to know.

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