Posted by: ilovethewestside | October 28, 2008

Wise Buyer Mindset in Real Estate, LA Times quote

Today’s real estate market is not the same as it was yesterday. We must shift our strategies when buying and selling homes, investments, & commercial property. last year our local board of Realtors, Beverly Hills Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors, asked us to share where we saw the market going. Kristine & I submitted our answers & waited.

Little did we know we would be quoted in the LA Times & spark an increased awareness of a buyers market.  Only one sentence made it (in red below). However, people were curious to know what prompted the answer. Well guys and dolls, here’s the question and our unedited response…


Regardless of market conditions, the residential resale market always offers an opportunity to a wise prospective buyer. Today’s market clearly provides a wider selection and greater negotiating power to buyers than at any time in the last four years, but why should a buyer jump into the market now? What three or four elements must be in place for a home purchase now that outweigh the possibility that prices might fall sometime soon? Wouldn’t it be wiser to wait?

Our Answer:

Wise buyers, like wise investors, know that timing is the key to success. If you wait too long, lose opportunity; act too soon, become premature. When you find the right property at a sound price the buyer wins. Proper representation from your Realtor enables the strong agent to advise the buyer on time and strategy. This is a buyers market with low interest rates and increasing inventory. Negotiating the terms of a sale can become another potential asset for a strong well represented buyer. With increasing risk of inflation, California’s unique economy, and the influx of thousands of people each month into the region make real estate a strong investment for the average perspective buyer.

Opportunity is available now more than ever in today’s real estate market. To find out how you can take action & participate contact Kim:  310-737-8173


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